Sick of freezing cold winters and stifling hot summers? Heat pumps are the solution.


Welcome to Best Heating & Air Conditioning in Goodyear, Phoenix’s top supplier of heat pumps. With a heat pump you are in complete control of your indoor climate. Whether it’s for your home, office or shop, our heat pumps are the top of the range.

If you’re looking for quiet heat pumps from some of the world’s leading brands, and outstanding customer service, you’ve come to the right place. We supply and install heat pumps by renowned companies such as Toshiba, Carriers and Mitsubishi. The heat pumps we supply make little noise, are energy efficient and environmental-friendly, so you can have peace of mind (and a peaceful sleep!).

You can buy Toshiba, Carriers or Mitsubishi heat pumps from us directly, and we can install them in your home, office or shop. We can help you decide what size suits which room, and where to mount your heat pumps – on the wall, on the floor or in the ceiling.

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Climate control at the push of a button

Heat pumps have become increasingly popular in Phoenix in the last few years. Why? Because they are the perfect solution to automated indoor temperature control all year round. In winter, heat pumps warm up your space without your power bills skyrocketing. In summer, you can use your heat pump for cooling and air-conditioning. Heating and temperature control has never been more convenient.

Find out about the new Mitsubishi Wi-Fi here WiFiHeatPump_cmyk

Toshiba and Mitsubishi are a popular choice for their advanced technology, reliability and longevity. They come in a comprehensive range of sizes, allowing you to precisely control power consumption and temperature.

For more information on Carriers, Toshiba or Mitsubishi heat pumps, please give us a call on (602) 892-8640 or send us an email using our contact form. You can also browse our catalog of products including prices on our products page.

Why use heat pumps?

With a heat pump in your house, you are always in control of your indoor climate. They provide an even warmth for your home and do not create any smoke, ashes or other waste material. This makes them an attractive and environmental friendly alternative to traditional heating systems in Phoenix.

Heat pumps mounted to a wall or ceiling are practical, discreet and safe. They contribute to a comfortable living environment. Once installed, you won’t even notice them. That’s how quiet they are.

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Our Product Range

We’ve got a complete range of products for to keep your home warm, dry and cool all year round. You can buy from us direct and we can install them for you too.

Out best sellers are Mitsubishi heat pumps. These pumps are perfect for a variety of environments.  The iconic brand of Mitsubishi is well known for providing equipment that does the job, does it well and gives long-lasting service.  If you select one of their machines, you are assured of owning an innovative, reliable and convenient heating solution. These Mitsubishi heat pumps can regulate the climate of your home for less than a dollar per day!

Warming up with heat pumps

Heat pumps are incredibly efficient at warming up your home – much more so than any heating system out there. We carry all the brands you’ve come to love and trust.

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Keeping dry with heat pumps

Isn’t it horrible to live in a home that’s constantly damp and your clothes are forever getting mouldy?

Get an efficient and reliable dehumidifier from us and you’ll never look back.

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Commercial air conditioning

We’ve had over 30 years of experience in air conditioning.

With us, you’ll get the experience to back up the professionalism, dependability and domain knowledge. If you’re looking for a commercial system, contact us and we’ll work with you to deliver the best solution for your needs.

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